We are excited to announce one of our show segments, “Up Close with Frasilie Stinvil” will premier September 30th at 2pm EST!

Frasilie Stinvil, a Black Attorney, left a lucrative and cushioned job as a litigator, started her own firm, now being, if not the only, Black-Owned FEMALE law firm on Wall Street in NYC!
With her knowledgeable insight and experience, Frasilie, created a platform to provide everyday people with her legal perspective and advice.

The Show is a Digital Platform Providing a Legal Perspective on Marital Affairs, Relationships, and of course today’s hottest topics!
Along with discussing topics, the show will also entail influential guests who will also share their knowledgeable perspectives.

To view the show live, please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages: Up Close with Frasilie Stinvil

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